Welcome to Breakout EDU Digital LIVE. These games are games that have been hosted as special live events. They are unlocked at specific intervals of total successful breakouts. Justin and Mari build a game and then invite a number of people to participate in working together to solve the puzzle on a Google Hangout on Air.

For each game, there are links to for you to play the game, partial videos of how we built the games, and playthroughs from both #TeamJustin and #TeamMari. We envision these videos working as "how to build" and "how to play" games. If you're unsure of how to build or play a Breakout EDU Digital game, this would be a good place to start!

To see when the next Breakout EDU Digital LIVE event will be hosted, check the running tallies at the bottom of breakoutedu.com/digital. Because of the walkthroughs provided, these games do not count toward the running total.
 The Library Comes Alive TLCA - Build   TLCA Defeat TLCA Victory 
 Arcade Shut Down NO BUILD VIDEO  ASD Defeat ASD Victory
 Patent 5462311652 NO BUILD VIDEO P Victory P Defeat