Alcatraz Night Escape

Enough is enough. You’ve been locked up on The Rock for 7 years, ever since you robbed that bank in 1944. Tonight is the night. You’re going to escape*.

You’ve got some work to do though. You have to gather your supplies and form a decoy body to place in your bed. You plan to leave from the prison dock, a place one other has already tried to escape from.

Another inmate has given you a box that contains a flashlight, which you’ll need to guide the way down to the docks. However, he forgot to unlock the box for you, and he’s been transferred to another prison. The guards have just gone on break for 45 minutes, which leaves you the perfect amount of time to break into this box, organize your materials, and put your plan into motion.

Will you be successful, or will you remain an inmate forever?
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Stuck in the cell block?