Abducted by Aliens

One bright and sunny morning, you are walking to school, when suddenly an unfamiliar spaceship passes overhead. You look up just in time to see a space beam reach down and pick you up. You are dazed, and when you gain consciousness, you look around to see two aliens standing guard over you.

“What do you want?” You ask in a frightened and shaky voice. 

“You must pass a rigorous test of your space-related facts in order to return to Earth,” says the first alien in a high-pitched tone. 

“If you do not, we will cast you off the spaceship and into the Kuiper Belt forever,” booms the second. 
Looking around, you realize you are well beyond Earth’s atmosphere and are powerless. You cross your fingers, and hope you can recall what your teacher taught you in science!

You remember reading this book in class. It's your favorite Magic School Bus book! At least that memory makes you feel happy.