Moriarty Strikes Again!

You are legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. You have just been summoned to Buckingham Palace to consult with the constables. It seems the crown jewels (and many other items) have gone missing! As you arrive, they tell you they have nabbed a suspect in custody. You approach him, ready to question him with ferocity, when he pulls a dagger from beneath his robes.

He locks eyes with you and yells, "peli varjot elokuva pituus" while plunging the dagger into his chest. You watch him expire before your eyes and decide to search his person.

In a concealed pocket, you find a small cylinder with various dials embedded in it. The cap is branded with an ornate JM. You know this can only mean one man - Professor James Moriarty. You begin to say this, but realize you should open the vial to gather the evidence so you can truly prove your nemesis is behind this theft!