The Journey Begins

The year is 1862 and President Lincoln is trying to keep the United States united as one union. Rumors are arriving from different sources that the Southern Army may have France as an ally. This could change everything. President Lincoln is sending you on a top-secret mission to Mexico. You are to report back on the intelligence that you gather about this "mystery ally" and the situation developing in Mexico. The fate of the the United States is depending on your success! Good luck. 

Inside your mission pouch, you find a Western Union telegram from Benito Juarez, El Presidente de Mexico to President Lincoln. There must not have been time to decode the message. The train ride will give you time to decode and document the

I sit back to write a letter to my parents as I know not what will happen when I get off the train. I will post it with the conductor before I disembark. I am honored to represent President Lincoln our 16th president and the mighty responsibility he has to maintain the union. While he has only been in office for two years, I fear that if the war doesn't end his four boys will see the fighting first hand. 

Your first stop is the train station to board a train to Puebla, Mexico. As you study the Coat of Arms of Puebla, you wonder what you will find when you arrive. Your Spanish is a bit rusty, but you hope your dictionary will help you translate the motto around the shield: Tiempo, Esfuerzo, Justicia, y Esperanza. You quickly jot your translations down. Maybe they will be of use to you later in your correspondence with the President.
As you travel and meet people, listen to what they say and record it in your journal. Once you feel you've gathered enough information, seal it in this envelope and report what you have heard back to President Lincoln. 

One of the last items in the mission pouch is a map of the local area. Puebla is a smaller town. I study the map. I will need to have my bearings when I get off the train. There may not be anyone that I can communicate with to point the way to General Zaragoza. At this time, I am unaware that the Battle has begun.