My Andriod Tablet won't open eBooks in OverDrive Media Console. They open in another program.

Try this first:

  • Go to the App Market and download Opera Mini browser. Try to download the book again.

If that doesn't work (this is an untested solution that someone at OverDrive said worked for her):

  • Download Astro File Manager from the App Market. 
  • Find the file on the tablet (might be in the OverDrive folder inside Astro File Manager)
  • Press and hold to see menu. Select Open As...Text
  • You will get a box asking you which program you want to use to open the book. Pick OverDrive Media Console.

eBook doesn't fit in my screen on Android tablet

(Our customer happened to have a Vizio tablet, and the app they suggest below fixed his problem - Jen)

We're sorry to hear that your patron is having this issue. There are a
few things that might be causing this issue. Would you please ask them
to use the steps below:

- While reading a title, under reader settings, verify the Default
Layout (CSS) is checked. You may try unchecking this option to see what
results are produced. 

- Under 'App Settings | eBook Options' verify the 'Full Screen Mode'
option is checked.


How to find this setting: Once your patron is in the OverDrive Media Console Android App, they will need to click on their 'Menu' button and select 'App Settings. Once in 'App Settings', there is a section called 'eBook Options'. There, they will see the option for 'Open in Full-Screen Mode'. 


If problems persist, we suggest downloading and installing the Spare
Parts app from the Android Market. After installing the app, follow the
steps below to enable the 'compatibility mode' option.

1. Open the Spare Parts app and uncheck the 'Compatibility Mode' option.
2. Completely turn off and restart your device.
3. Open the Spare Parts app again and place a checkmark in the
'Compatibility Mode' option.
4. Completely turn off and restart your device.
5. Launch the OverDrive app, eBook titles should now display properly.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the "expired ACSM file" error message.


1. Delete the Overdrive app. (Books currently on the app will be lost. They will have to be downloaded again by logging into Overdrive and downloading them from the My Bookshelf page.)

2. Download an alternative browser from the Android App Market and make it the default browser. (Do not use the one that is included with the Galaxy Tab) People have had success with Firefox and Dolphin.

3. Reinstall the Overdrive app (again from the Android App Market).