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Sound, and especially music, is an essential part of the world that we live in. Sound is purely a mechanical wave of oscillating pressure with a variety of physical characteristics and properties that we record in our brains and on computers as electrical impulses [4]. In recent years, technology has allowed us to accurately detect and measure these characteristics. Our understanding of the physics and math governing sound has increased greatly, mainly through research in the scientific fields of acoustics and signal processing.

This increased understanding has led to the creation of many new sound and music technologies such as sound editing programs, sound recognition technologies, and artificial sound production.

            There are still many things to learn about the physics of sound and the processes used for analysis and synthesis.  Polyphonic sound analysis is currently being researched, but no defined methods have become widely accepted.



            The purpose of this project is to develop an algorithm to more accurately analyze the waveforms of sound files through modeling with wavelets and Fourier transforms. This algorithm will be used identify the instrument, frequency or frequencies, volume, and timbre of waveforms. The algorithm will also be used to analyze polyphonic recordings for these same characteristics.

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