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"Virgil has been absolutely indispensable in helping my small office

digitize my entire paper filing system and update my computer networking 
system.  He is diligent, knowledgeable and full of helpful ideas. 
- Dr. 
"He brought my dead computer back to life.  A miracle worker! 
- RH"
"He knows of apps that can make your life so much simpler! 
- VC"
您好,我是陳慧誠。從英國肯特大學畢業後, 我曾經在英國倫敦, 澳洲悉尼生活和工作12年以上。在香港出生及自1995年以來, 我在香港居住工作 - 任職跨國公司東北亞洲, 財務, 行政管理和IT經理。


由於智能手機, 平板電腦和移動應用程式的日益增長和普及, 我的專業知識擴展到提供有關信息組織, 知識共享, 提高生產力和網上互動通訉。有關詳情, 請閱讀詳細的數碼化生活服務。

Hello, I am Virgil Chan.  After graduated from University of Kent

 at Canterbury, I had lived and worked in London, UK and 

Sydney, Australia for over 12 years.  Born in Hong Kong & have 

worked and lived in Hong Kong since 1995 as north-east Asia 

finance, administration and IT manager.

With over 20 years of compliance, corporate and personal IT 

experience on computers, information systems and applications, I 

am perfectly equipped to provide you with Mobile devices 

tutoring & other Digital Lifestyle services. 

Due to ever increasing popularity of smart phones, tablet 

computers and mobile applications, my expertise extends to 

provision of services relating to information organizing, 

knowledge sharing, improve productivity and online interactive 


To have your presence in the Global Internet and social media 

scene, I would develop and set up your personal or business 

website in a few days time with free domain hosting.

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