This is the story of my son's birth.  He decided that he would be an early arrival.  Five weeks early that is.  It was a very crazy and surreal experience as other oddities occurred that day.  For instance, my uncle from Missouri whom I hardly ever see just showed up out of the blue, no prior warning.  Mexican food was our repast as we visited.  My wife and I had a good impromptu visit with him and then a few hours later it all went sideways.  It was literally, a dark and stormy night.  Hence "Panic and Rain."

In reflecting on the experience with my wife she reminded me of details I had completely forgotten.  For instance she recalled that I had recommended having a bag packed and ready to go, even though we were still several weeks away from the blessed event.  So we had a lot of running around frantically that night trying to pack a bag!  

As I tried to keep this story short, it doesn't have all that transpired.  But it does have the gist.  This storytelling project has been an excellent exercise in memory reconstruction and reminiscence.  Everyone has at least one story to tell.  How about yours?  How will you tell it?  
"Panic and Rain" is the name of this story.  My son is now 5, is loud and proud, learning to read, and ride a bike.  He has learned that Jedis are a form of super ninja, thanks to his mom.  I love them both dearly.