Digilogue (DIGItal-anaLOGUE) Museum

Welcome to Vlad Stamate's humble vintage computer collection. I started collecting old/antique computers since 2012. All those computers were very influential, one way or another, in the development of personal computing and eventually led to the PC/Macs/tablets/servers/consoles/handhelds/etc that we all have on our desks and interact with every day. 

In the following pages you'll find out what pieces are in my collection. I collect both software and hardware items related to computing starting from 1970s to 2009. Almost everything is in working condition and most come in original boxes with manuals. Same goes for software as many items come with original boxes.

Collection summary:
  • 56 computers/consoles/terminals (pre-2009)
  • 12 monitors/display
  • 17 peripherals
  • various essential peripherals (like keyboards, mice, controllers made in that era)
  • 1 calculators
  • hundreds of programs/games
  • tens of manuals
  • magazines and data on disks and paper  (like A.N.A.L.O.G., AtariAge and ANTIC)


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