DigiClann - the digital friend of every Housing Society resident

Mr. Gupta, recently moved from Delhi to Vadodara with his family. He lives as a tenant at a prime Housing society within the city, but he and his family have been feeling quite 'cut-off' from the other residents of the society. Possible reasons maybe his busy schedule, language barriers and not being introduced to other members of the society formally. But all his woes vanished the moment his society decided to invest in DigiClann's Society Management System. According to him, he is now more 'involved' in society's activities - he is now notified in advance about every event, every festival celebrations and meetings.

The above incident is a real story forwarded as a case study by our customers. And we as a Society Management Software in India, feel highly obliged when we see how DigiClann's Society Management System is making difference in people's lives.

DigiClann has intuitive modules designed specifically for Residents of Housing societies, in order to make their day to day lives easier. This ensures that they get to spend more quality time with their families, which they previously invested in worrying about the manual processes set by society's administration.


Residents can easily participate in online polls conducted by Admins, have open forum discussions about the next festival celebrations to be organized within society's premises, or if the society Admins needs to pass any critical information about an issue within the society, they can easily use the app to notify the residents in advance. Not many society management software in India provides such level of flexibility and features, but DigiClann does!!!

Another major problem which DigiClann's society management system solves is the hassles associated with Maintenance due collection. It is a genuine problem associated with almost every housing society in India. If we talk about the point of view of residents, there are chances that they might forget it owing to their busy schedules. Similarly, such lapses are not good for the management, as they have a budget to adhere to - and this might disrupt many day to day management operations. By using DigiClann, society admins can directly send notification to concerned residents in advance, such that they never miss their due dates.

DigiClann is one of the fastest growing society management software in India, having its clientele spread across multiple cities. As described above, there are many spheres where DigiClann has helped in solving real world problems of society residents through its application. In case you need more information about the modules or about the services we offer, contact DigiClann today and we would be happy to assist you.