Prezi Presentation: Overview of the course
This prezi will be inserted into the documentary to give an overall feel for the course and a backbone for the video. The video will focus mostly on personal experiences of the students in the class so this presentation will have the main task of introducing the background of the course so that they comments of the students will have a context to give them meaning. 

The Original Course Project Idea & Comments

jakecorkin - I have a couple of ideas: 1. to make a short video about digital scholarship. it could be a "summary of digital learning and literacy" . we could perhaps interview the professors burton and zappala and have them share their vision for the class. then interview a few of the students to see what was gained from such an experience. then combine these interviews with some explanations of some of the tools that were learned and then place the video on Youtube and facebook and other networking sites. maybe i could even convince BYU to put it up on their website. it would be a good opening to the final projects showcase night to give our audience an idea of what we are all about. 
idea 2: I have been talking with Jeff Witlock a lot. I am starting to get passionate about his ideas to incorporate micro finance in to the mix. i would be a supporting member of that project. see my comment on his blog post: http://jeffreywhitlock.blogspot.com/2010/10/group....
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I really like the idea of having that as an opening to our final presentation night. Go for it!
me too! Great idea! Anyone great at video editing? I'm willing to learn.

i can edit. i would need help with narration and writing and just general structure and ideas. i think it would be a really cool project.

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Margaret Weddle· 

I really like the idea #1 - it would certainly build an interest in the next time Dr's Burton & Zapata do this class again! 

I don't know much about video editing, but my husband does a bit of mixing his own music videos - maybe he can help us!