Digha Nikaya

The long discourses 

of the Buddha    

(The Living Word of the Buddha project, 

begun in 2002)

translated with notes by Piya Tan (c)2002-2009

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D 1 Brahmajala Sutta 1 of 4 Introd (The 62 grounds for wrong views)
          D 1 Brahmajala Sutta 2 of 4 Translation

D 1 Brahmajala Sutta 3 of 4 Commentary 

D 1 Brahmajala Sutta 4 of 4 Bibliography  

D 2 Samannaphala Sutta (Immediate benefits of the holy life)

D 3 Ambattha Sutta (Religious arrogance vs spiritual openness) 950K

D 3 Ambattha Sutta (shorter)  (Sutta only: 22 pages only)

D 5 Kutadanta Sutta  (The true sacrifice)

D 9 Potthapada Sutta (The nature of consciousness and the self) 

          D11 Kevaddha Sutta (The greatest miracle)

         D 13 Tevijja Sutta (On those with the threefold knowledge)

         D 15 Mahanidana Sutta Dependent arising, language and non-self. 

D 16 Mahaparinibbana Sutta The Buddha's last days (3.3 mb)


SATIPATTHANA SUTTA (The 4 focusses of mindfulness) cover/title

13.1 An Introduction to the Satipatthana Suttas [The Discourses on the Focuses on Mindfulness

D 22 Mahasatipatthana Sutta 

D22 [M 10 Satipatthana Sutta] Go to Majjhima Nikaya

[D 22] Satipatthana Mula (Sujato)

[D 22] Satipatthana Suttas Bibliography

D 25 Udumbarika Sihanada Sutta  

The Discourse on the Lion-roar at  Udumbarika (Interfaith dialogue) 


D26 Cakkavatti Sihanada Sutta Political power & spiritual power 


  D 27 Aggan~n~a Sutta 

  On the origin or evolution of world, society and basic values


D 28 Sampasadaniya Sutta 

 Sariputta's lion-roar & the 16 unsurpassables of the Buddha

D31 Sigalovada Sutta The lay code of ethics and social responsibilities

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