Design of a Bimodal Self-Burying Robot

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ICRA 2013

This project was presented at the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. The paper included in the conference proceedings can be found here.

Paper Abstract

Subterranean exploration so far has primarily been performed with the assistance and involvement of human beings. As more ground is broken and more layers are explored, the need for a robotic solution to make digging both easier and safer becomes greater. The applications of a self-burying robot extend from mining and military applications to humanitarian applications. This paper elucidates design principles that form the foundation for self burying robots. In this paper, a bimodal robot is described which is capable of travelling above-ground in one mode and capable of burying itself in the other mode. The variables that affect digging are examined, as well as the design decisions made in order to optimize the resources available to the robot. Finally, future work in the area of self-burying robots is discussed.


We would like to thank all those involved with the Carnegie Mellon University Masters of Science in Robotic Systems Development who provided guidance and assistance through this project.

© Carl Darukhanavala, Andrew Lycas, Arpit Mittal, and Ashwinram Suresh