Lightin the Lamp

Lightin the Lamp plays similar to Fifteen Minute  Baseball.  In about 15 minutes, you will have a final score, shots on goal, goal scorers, full goalie stats, and full stats for a about three or four selected skaters.

Every player has an offense rating and defense rating.  Each period, you choose two forward lines and one defensive pairing from each team.  You compare each player's OFF and DEF rating to come to an overall rating.  Use that rating along with a roll of the dice to determine how many shots are taken that period.  Then roll on the goalie's card to see how many of those shots were let thru. 

After the game goes final, you can then roll for stat lines of a few selected players.  Stats kept are goals, assists, SOG, and PIM.  Since you already know the shots and goal totals, you can already generate a full stat line for the goalie.  I'll also provide a chart to allocate any other goals scored to be able to list who scored the goals (regardless if you want to track that player or not)

Rob Lennon
Diggin Deep Sports