Glory on the Pitch


Welcome to the world of Glory on the Pitch Lamp, brought to you by Diggin Deep Sports.  With Glory on the Pitch, you can re-create a full soccer match in about ten minutes, complete with the following:

Complete list of goal scorers, time of goals, and assists

Complete set of stats for selected players (Goals, Assists, Shots, Shots on Goal, Yellow Cards, Red Cards)

Complete keeper stats

In game strategies (Who to start? / When to sub? / Who to sub?)

Team Formations (Heavy offense / Heavy Defense / Balanced Attack)

For players that only play one half...Which half to play?

Individual cards means you can have draft leagues, and not be locked into stock teams.


Within five minutes, you’ll have a final score complete with total shots on goal (per half).  You also have the option of tracking the stats of up to three players from each squad.  An entire match along with stats for certain players can be played in about ten to fifteen minutes.


Seasons available for Glory on the Pitch

2010-11 English Premier League

2010-11 Italian Serie A

2011 Major League Soccer

2010-11 Spanish La Liga 

2011-12 Australian A-League