Diggin Deep Tennis

Welcome to the world of Diggin’ Deep Tennis. Diggin’ Deep Tennis is a multi-faceted game, which brings the world of professional tennis right onto your tabletop. You play at the pace that suits you with Diggin’ Deep Tennis. The game engine offers a quick play mechanic in which you can resolve the action game-by-game, set-by-set, or you can even simulate an entire match in as little as one roll of the dice.

Diggin’ Deep Tennis also features a point-by-point mechanic which factors in every possible skill for the player rated. Whether it’s the big server like Andy Roddick, the great return of service game of Novak Djokovic, or fantastic all-around play of Nadal and Federer, every player will perform as they did in real life.

The point-by-point game also offers an amazing element of strategy with the Diggin’ Deep System ™, which allows players to dig deep for a little something extra in certain circumstances. Do you Dig Deep do attempt to break serve in the first set? Or do you wait for an opportunity later in the match? The Diggin’ Deep System ™ brings tabletop tennis games to an entirely new level of play. The Diggin’ Deep System ™ also makes for outstanding head-to-head play. Not to fear though, we didn’t leave solitaire players out in the cold, as the game also has a solitaire system for when to Dig Deep.

It’s match point, and time for you to Dig Deep!