Diggin Deep Hockey

Welcome to the world of Diggin Deep Hockey, brought to you by Diggin Deep Sports.  With this game, you should be able to re-create the game of hockey complete with all the decisions that the head coach would make.  You decide who to dress and who to scratch.  You decide the lines and defensive pairings.  You name the starting goalie.  There are also plenty of ‘in game’ decisions to make.  Do I take a shot from the scoring zone, or try to penetrate for a better scoring chance.  Do I have my star winger back check?  Do I have my defensemen forecheck?  Once you have a solid understanding of the cards, charts, and gameplay, you should be able to play a full regulation game in about sixty minutes or less.
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The following seasons are available for Diggin Deep Hockey:
2010-11 NHL
1974-75 NHL
1974-75 WHA
1962-63 NHL
1955-56 NHL
1944-45 NHL