Fifteen Minute Baseball

Fifteen Minute Baseball is a quick playing game that captures the essence of baseball in 15-minutes or less.  After you have played a few games, you'll be completing games in 5 minutes or less.  What makes Player of the Game Baseball unique is that is also provides you with the ability to track player stats.

With Fifteen Minute Baseball, you can track stats for your starting pitcher and as many hitters as you’d like.  (We recommend 2 or 3 hitters for faster play) 

For pitchers, you can track wins, losses, innings pitched, hits allowed, earned runs allowed, walks allowed, and strikeouts. 

For hitters, you can track at-bats, runs scored, hits, runs batted in, doubles, triples, home runs, walks, strikeouts, stolen bases, and caught stealing.

Fifteen Minute Baseball contains every element of the "wish list" for a baseball game of this type.

Every Player on the roster counts: check
Offensive and Defensive abilities BOTH count: check
Draft Leagues are possible: check
The game can produce stats for a few or all batters: check
The game covers pitching stats: check
The game plays quickly: check

I really think you'll find Fifteen Minute Baseball to be the perfect baseball game to allow you to complete an entire season while also compiling statistical leaders.  Fifteen Minute  Baseball also makes an outstanding complimentary game to your favorite full play baseball game.  You can play out the games you don't want to resolve batter-by-batter with Fifteen Minute Baseball and still have league leaders for pitchers and hitters, as well as accurate standings.

Step on the field with Fifteen Minute Baseball!