Cuttin Down the Nets

Cuttin’ Down the Nets is a dual layered game that features a simplified method in which games can be completed in 20 minutes and an advanced game in which a game with full stats will take about an hour. Neither version will require constant external chart look ups or other methods that can slow down a game’s pace. With Cuttin’ Down the Nets all of the action comes from each team’s rating sheet.

Let me stress that this is NOT a quick play game. All action is resolved possession-by-possession, just as in real basketball. With the simplified method, you are tracking only the team’s score and fouls which allows for quicker game times. However, you’ll still visually see why a team wins or loses. With Cuttin’ Down the Nets each team’s card is formulated to accurately replicate all aspects of a team’s play. Each team is rated offensively for field goal percentage, three point shooting, propensity to commit turnovers, ability to get open shots, propensity to commit offensive fouls, free throw shooting, offensive rebounding, and ability to hit contested shots. On the defensive side, each team is rated for their ability to contest shots, propensity to commit fouls, ability to force turnovers, defensive rebounding ability, and two point and three point field goal percentage allowed.

Cuttin’ Down the Nets also features a unique Power System that incorporates strength of schedule as well as home court advantage. With the Power System you can accurately match-up power house teams against the cupcakes and be assured that the results will mirror real life.

The advanced game features all of the above, but also brings individual players into the mix. Every player for every team is accurately rated to perform as they did in the college basketball season. Cuttin’ Down the Nets features a unique system that doesn’t require manual substitutions on the part of the gamer. This system means that you don’t have to track player minutes or other minutia for realistic performances. With Cuttin’ Down the Nets every player will perform as they did during the college season. You’ll have nights where your starters are “off” and nights where a bench player provides a spark, leading your team to victory.

And while the substitutions are handled within the game engine, don’t think that coaching decisions were left out. As the coach, you decide when to implement the full-court press. You’ll decide when to “sag” to stop the opponent’s inside game or stretch your defense to pressure the perimeter shooters. On offense you decide the pace in which your team plays. Do you fast break, or use the entire clock to limit the opponent’s possessions? Best of all, each coaching option is just that, and option. If you have designs on being the next great college coach, you can implement them all. If you prefer to watch the game unfold, you can implement none. Either way you’ll still end up with realistic results!

Take the court today and see if you can guide your favorite team to the ultimate goal of Cuttin’ Down the Nets!