Welcome to Diggin Deep Sports

We have a new web store!!!  The store is now open, and I will be continuing to add content and new products to the store.  Click on the link below to visit.
Welcome to Diggin Deep Sports.  Your one stop shop for tabletop sports gaming.   We offer eight games at this time.  We have Diggin Deep Baseball, Diggin Deep Tennis, Fifeen Minute Baseball (Quick Play), Cuttin Down the Nets (college basketball), and Lightin the Lamp (Quick Play Hockey), Diggin Deep Hockey, and Glory on the Pitch (Quick Play Soccer), and Diggin Deep: World's Game (Traditional Play Soccer).   My mission plan is to be able to offer high quality traditional play and quick play card games with stats games for all genres and sports.  Diggin Deep Sports games utilize TCG elements to add a most unique gaming experience.  Grab some dice and re-create history with us!!!

Matchups are key in all sports.  Normally,  in any given circumstance, any one player has a chance to be better his opponent.  However, in certain situations that a players knows he/she performs well, they can 'dig deep' for that little something extra to tip the scales in their favor.  This is the basic game theory behind all Diggin Deep games.
 - Rob Lennon