Demonoid News Updates


Quotes from Demonoid IRC channel:

<Fubar> <--- the allegations made on that page have not been confirmed. We will give you more information as it becomes available. Stop speculating and claiming alleged happenings as fact.

<Borat> we DO NOT know what actually happened. the CRIA is just a SPECULATION. the site is TEMPORAROLY OFFLINE
<Fubar> Yes the tracker is down, they are going through heavy maintenance, please wait patiently for it to come back up.

<seanap> Jumba; that torrent freak article is completely false
<seanap> there is NO evidence

<seanap> and NO word from site staff, and i'm in contact with the TF dude right now

<lacko> we're still waiting for the name of a CRIA rep for confirmation.

<Fubar> TF is a tabloid

<raj1414> TorrentFreak = P2P version of TheInquirer

<seanap> Ygolonac we can't deny or confirm anything, as we have not heard from the head admin yet

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