They do edit our posts

The story of a post on Digg 

Before Digg v3 was launched, I was in this IRC chat room. We were waiting for the countdown to finish and I was refreshing my browser like crazy. The moment Digg was launched, I submitted a story and now it has around 10'000 diggs. I linked it to my blog, just for the sake of linking to any page. On my blog, I kept updating news (like how Kevin Rose said : "We're putting new servers due to the demand"). Then my blog was down due to the Digg Effect.

Right now if you look at the story, it links to Digg's Blog. Unfortunately, I wasn't the one to choose that page, but they edited my story (See Proof down). By the time I, RBotros, submitted the story, their blog only contained things like: "We're down until we launch Digg v3." and I really linked it to my blog. After all, the post was only useful so Digg users discuss the improvements through the comments.

Now I don't mind the link to be to Digg's blog, but I just wanted to make it clear that they DO edit posts. Please don't come and tell me : "What you did wa blog spamming" or "That's what the real link should be" or "They have the right to" or "STOP SAYING DIGG IS A FRAUD", I just wanted to give people a evidence, that Digg Admins sometimes really play an author's role. Because Digg claims it doesn't do that.

Proof: The good website of had indexed my post and my blog before the staff changed the link. links to my blog and not theirs. My story was on homepage with 200 diggs and still all linking to and that's what Duggmirror could see. (Coral cache of DuggMirror)

I don't want to create another Digg Fraud move, nor do I aim to make some noise. But if Digg's staff claim it's completely user-driven, they have to be honest. Nobody really cared what my story was linking to and it reached homepage in 30 minutess, just because everybody was happy about Digg 3 and was digging the story. Perhaps Kevin was mad I submitted something before him, which made it to be top story of the year, so he just changed the link instead of duplicating me.

Please digg this to show the matter to everybody.