Adjusting your school's character code

Goal: To have students adjust their school's character code, value system or code of conduct, to embrace digital venues, web contexts, and cyberspace.

Overview: It's not uncommon for schools to have a code of conduct or value system like the one shown here, which I saw at the Beijing International School. These are the foundational codes that guide the school's social behavior and the behavior of those involved with the school community.

Like most other codes, it expresses values widely shared by most communities and community members. The question is whether we can assume these values are equally understood in "digitally community" as they are in physical community.

This adventure makes the assumption that we can't make that assumption and that value systems need to reviewed, tweaked and perhaps profoundly updated to make sure that a concept like "Tolerance" or "Consideration" covers situations that happen within Facebook communities, as well as classrooms.

It is the students' task to go through each value expressed in a code of conduct, and make whatever adjustments are necessary.