Opportunities bring challenges

Opportunities bring challenges

echnology connects us in some ways, and disconnects us in others. Always. When technology plugs you into something somewhere, it unplugs you from something else, somewhere else.

Consider the case of the microwave oven...

It is our job to be d
e"tech"tives, so that we can understand how we are connected and disconnected by technology, so that we might only let this happen in ways we think are smart and healthy.

This website provides some activities that put you in charge of being detechtives and digital citizens. You will develop perspectives, policies and customs about how you, your friends and others with whom you share your neighborhood, community and planet, should behave regarding a number of issues related to living a digital lifestyle. These include how to treat each other online, protect yourself and each other from misleading information on the web, use other people's material that you find on the Internet, and how you manage your digital footprint.

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