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    ear infection
  • Otitis is a general term for inflammation or infection of the ear, in both humans and other animals.
  • presence and growth of bacteria or viruses in the ear.
  • Caused by an over-production of wax in reaction to irritation. The moisture of the wax promotes bacterial growth which can lead to infection. Most ear infections can be treated by a veterinary cleaning followed by medication at home.
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ear infection wiki Wiki Leaps #1
Wiki Leaps #1
Wiki and I had good timing this afternoon when she lept from the roof of the house to the roof of the studio twice for me. She does this several times a day. Wiki really likes her 'airs above the ground.'
Wiki & her Pumpkin
Wiki & her Pumpkin
Wiki really likes her little cupcake sized pumpkin and keeps getting on the railing and touching it and sitting next to it. ( for lucycat because she wished for more pix of Wiki )