Programa ACCESS

Photographies from the Xmas Show 2014 

Access program students performing in a Christmas play 

From left to right; Maritxu Amigo, Angelo Rojas, Javiera Bahamonde, Ivan Yampara and Lorena Palacios.

Felipe Traipe, Dolly Pasten, Ronnie Riveros, Carlos and Ana Flores singing the classic Christmas carol; "The little drummer boy"

Students Dolly Pasten and Felipe Traipe showed their talents performing an Amy Winehouse song

The family gathered around the tree celebrating Christmas

Access student David Choque from the English course program, performing in the Christmas play

Students Javier Morales and Natalia Rojas representing Neil Armstrong and an interviewer

Martin Luther King was also part of the Christmas play


Access student; Felipe Traipe performing a sax solo in honor of the great American singer Frank Sinatra


Vania Fuentes from the Access program reenacts Martin Luther King's speech

Access students take the stage for a final goodbye.

Dolly and Felipe receive an ovation from the audience!

Everyone who performed in the annual Christmas show organized by the Department of foreign languages come to the stage for a round of applauses and their final goodbyes.

Some videos

Access students Dolly Pasten and FelipenTraipe wowed the audience showing their talents, Dolly as Amy Winehouse and Felipe in the guitar.

The whole group presenting their Christmas play "A special Christmas gift" where they highlighted the true meaning of Christmas through symbolic gifts related to important moments in American history.

Access students Felipe Traipe, Ana, Ronnie, Felipe and Carlos Pérez showed  their talents singing the classic Christmas carol "The little drummer boy" in a modern version.

Merry Christmas! From the Access Students