Need help installing or building a mod? have a look through these links...

 zModeler Tutorials
information on building models in zModeler, as well as other useful tips.
Other Modding Tutorials
How to install mods
and other info about setting them up.

Good tutorials to get you started with zModeler are available at the top of: THIS zModeler docs PAGE.

The "Basic" & "Advanced" zmodeler2 tutorials are excellent, and must be read a few times to really figure it all out.

if you are still stuck after reading these, send me an email, and i will help where i can.

 GTA San Andreas mod installation tutorial

^ read this if you need some help installing a mod

San Andreas Tech Doc - VERY useful info for setting up cars for GTASA

(includes wheel size info and materials info)

GTA tutorials -
a VERY useful list made by Cerbera

gtamodding.com CARS_(IDE_Section) - more info about IDE settings here for all most GTA games.

the rest of the gtamodding wiki is useful once in a while...

gtaforums.com - a very useful place if you need help with mods or modding

gtaforums is where i go when i get stuck - the answers are there, you just have to search...

zModeler suicide/gullwing/scissor doors tutorial
includes info on how to make scissor/suicide/gullwing doors

DM Multimedia Tips and Tutorials

 - Although these DM Multimedia tutorials are not for zmodeler, they are still very useful for learning how to make a wheel or a tyre.