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More random stuff For San Andreas [By Chong McBong]

All files are in RAR format.. 
Click the title to download.
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Instructions (and handling lines etc) are included.

Other Stuff:

Chongs Weapons Pack - includes a trout to hit people with, and a spliff grenade.

 Klingon Bat'leth
Star Trek "sword of honour" big nasty pointy blade weapon

 Chongs Wheel Pack

Includes BBS, Borbet, Rays Volk, Spiess, and OZ Superturismo.

Fog Lights

Some foglights for your TransFender shops

NOS Bottles

Some new Nos Bottles for your TransFender shops


Captain Bongeye T-Shirt

A T-shirt for CJ with a big skunk leaf on it


Spliff Factory - in San Fierro By The Docks