Conversions of my models

This page contains models that i built, that have been converted by other modders, for other games.

If you would like to edit or convert one of my models, please ASK me

Flying Carpet - converted to GTA IV
converted by King_LQ

(converted by Murph)
 Includes: my Ford Fiesta XR2 and my Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth
my xr2 in rFactor

my rs500 in rfactor
Converted by Sleepy93HUN & DangerIV & 小菠萝

Converted by ToneBee2012 & Sleepy93HUN & DangerIV

("Only fools and horses" version)
converted by Sleepy93Hun and ToneBee2012

Converted by Sleepy93HUN & DangerIV

(converted by TheGtaivmodder)

Saab 92 HK, converted to GTA IV
Credit goes to DMN for converting this, and for adding some nice interior details

Tempo Matador - converted to GTA IV
Converted by Sleepy

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