My SAMP Compatible Mods

Here is a list of the mods i have tested for SAMP.
(I built most of my mods for single player, but i am now working on making some of them work in SA:MP)
If you find bugs with one of my mods that is not on this list, please let me know, and i will add it here.

These mods are all tested and work in SAMP
 Not Working 
These mods are tested and DO NOT WORK in samp
(they work fine in single player)
Fokker DR1 - Stuntplane
Flying Carpet - Dodo
PZL Dromader - Cropduster
Wingy Dinghy - Skimmer
Starbug 1 - Hydra (Red Dwarf vehicle)
Sky Bus - Shamal

Ford Zakspeed Capri - Hotknife
Ford Sierra RS500 - Buffalo
Ford Fiesta XR2 - Flash
Reliant Regal & Supervan - Burrito / Cheetah / Yosemite
Runaground - Comet (3 wheeled boat for the road)
Saab 900 - Jester
Saab 92HK - Journey
Saab 92001 "Ursaab" - Windsor
Skoda Dakos A5 - Infernus
Soviet Taxi - Cabbie & Moonbeam
Tempo Matador - Camper version
Tempo Matador - towtruck & utility truck
Volvo 945 "Wentworth R" - Stratum
VW Caddy Mk1 - Sadler
Crazy Piano - Baggage cart
My Mountain Bike - MTB
Land Rover 88 inch double pack - Rumpo & Bobcat
Monster Volvo 945 - MonsterA
Monster Ford Escort - MonsterA

Other stuff
Hover Toilet - Vortex Hovercraft
Crazy Jet Pack
Weapon Pack - A trout for hitting people with, and more...
Klingon Bat'leth
Wheelpack 1 - 17 high quality wheels

 Sinclair C5 - Kart
Rutan Quickie Q200 - Dodo (odd ground handling)
Beechcraft Starship - nevada (odd ground handling)
Konkordski - AT400 - (fail spawn)
Soviet Invalidka - Bodykit crashes game

More of my mods will be added to this list as i test them. feel free to send me bug reports, i will add the info here.