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I have renamed this site, and my twitter and facebook
as i am now making other things as well as 3D models...

Recently Released: 
Bandito 3-Wheeler - "The Triple Nipple Ripper" (New)

Skippy - Dumpster Car (New)

Soviet Taxi (1966) - Updated Feb 2015

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth - Updated Feb 2015

Work In Progress and Recent Releases
Things i am currently working on...
(Click images for a larger view)

Sky Bus - Yep, its a flying bus :)
(replaces the Shamal)
(Download Here)
A collaboration between Krazy Eddie and Chong McBong

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Under Construction


(replaces Comet)

(Download Here)
Original Runaground concept vehicle by Andy Saunders
(many thanks to Andy for letting me make this)

Crazy Shed 
(replaces Quad bike)

(Download Here)

Reliant Regal & Supervan III "The Plastic Pig" (Topic)
(replaces Burrito)
(Download Here)

Saab 92001 - Ursaab (1946) (The original Saab)
(replaces Windsor)
(Download Here) (Under Construction)

Tempo Matador (1952) (Alternate versions) Topic
(replaces Utility Van + Utility Trailer. TowTruck version also available)
(Download Here)
6 trucks in 1 - with a trailer

Tempo Matador (1952) (BusBarn version) Topic 
(replaces Camper)
Download Here

Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk2 (1984)
(replaces Flash + full bodykit)
(Download here)
Very detailed model,

Saab 900 Turbo (1989) [Topic]
(replaces Jester + full bodykit)
(Download Here)
Mega detailed Saab 900 with 2 bodykits and lots of extras

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth (1987) [Topic]
(replaces Banshee)
(Download Here)
UPDATED - Now compatible with SA-MP

Ford Zakspeed Capri Mk3 [Topic]
(replaces Hotknife)
(Download Here)
Mega detailed 1980s DTM car with 9 paintjob options, and various moving parts

Skoda Dakos A5 (1979)
(replaces Infernus)
(Download Here)

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