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Cars & Trucks
(and some other road vehicles)
(For GTA San Andreas)
By Chong McBong
All files are in RAR format.. 
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Cars & Trucks: - (scroll down, there are lots of them)


Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth (1987) <-- click for GTASA download
Also available for rFactor <-- click for rFactor download

 Ford Fiesta Mk2 (1984) <-- click for GTASA download
Also available for rFactor <-- click for rFactor download

Ford Zakspeed Capri Mk3

Replaces the BF-Injection

100% rebuilt in December 2009 - May 2010. Huge amount of detail. if you have an old version, this is completely new, download now...

lots of pics and info at this thread at gtaforums

Ford Escort Mk2

Replaces the Savanna


Ford Escort Mk 2 Monster Truck

Replaces the MonsterA

Ford Transit Mk2 SuperVan    <- A Total Beast

Replaces the Pony

Ford Transit Mk2 RockCrawler 

Go anywhere :)

Replaces the Walton

Saab 900 Turbo (1989) - GTAForums Topic
(with Carlsson bodykit option)

Saab 92HK (1965) - GTAForums Topic
Replaces the Journey

Volvo 945 "Wentworth R"
Replaces the
utility truck

Monster Volvo
Replaces the MonsterA

Volvo 945 - 6 Wheeler



W Caddy Mk1 (Golf/Rabbit Pickup) 

replaces the Sadler


VW Golf Mk1

Replaces the Blista Compact


Replaces the Club

VW Golf GR2 Mk1 DTM racing Golf

Replaces the Flash


Land Rover Series 3 Defender 88 inch BOBCAT & Rumpo deluxe twin pack

Replaces the Rumpo AND the Bobcat with a land rover pickup, and a land rover van, both with lots of extras

(Various Manufacturers)

Classic Mini 

Replaces the Windsor


Police Mini

Replaces the CopCarLA


Rally Mini 

Replaces the Manana


Pimp Mini

Replaces the Broadway


Mr Bean's Mini

 Replaces the Picador


Mr Bean's Mini [Roof-Drive Armchair]

Replaces the Newsvan

CJ sits in the armchair on the roof to drive, using ropes to steer, and a brick in the accelerator :)

other road vehicles by me
 Tempo Matador 
Replaces the Camper

Crazy Piano
Replaces the "Baggage" (small airport truck)

 Sinclair C5
Replaces the Kart

Replaces the Linerunner AND Artict2

Replaces the Kart