Welcome to the website of the conference Dynamic Interactions for Economic Theory (DIET).
The Conference will take place on the 16th and 17th of December 2013 in the Seminars room (6th floor) of the MSE (Maison des Sciences Economiques) (Metro Campo Formio (line 5)) in Paris (France) [details about practical details can be found here]

It will be organized in 4 sessions, that will focus on 

S1  Dynamic Decision Theory
S2  Dynamic Economic Networks
S3  Dynamic Strategic Models
Dynamic games

[details on the program can be found here]

The DIET Conference is organized thanks to the contribution of the ANR (The French National Research Agency) Project "Novo Tempus" at Paris School of Economics and of the LABEX MME-DII  in the framework of the Thematic Semester Shade [details about organization/funders can be found here]