83rd Infantry Division
83rd 330th Infantry Regiment
   Military Police Platoon

 Always On The Move, Always Advancing, Always Behind Enemy Lines


We are currently accepting New Members


                       83rd 330th Infantry Regiment

I would like to thank you all for choosing to be part of the 330th infantry regiment 83rd Division . This will be our first year as a active group and in doing so we will all succeed into being one of the finest groups out there. No decisions will be made by me unless we all agree to do so as far as events, duty roster, and improving our impressions, learning more about the unit we are portraying. and above all having a good time and enjoying our hobby as in sharing with others, especially the vets. any questions please feel free to call me or write me on the board.

Sincerely,  LT Joe Jenkins

                    Military Police Platoon

  We are a  group of men dedicated to preserving the history of the men and who served our country, in all theaters, during the Second World War.

83rd Military Police Platoon Reenactment Group, portrays the life and dress and battles of the 83rd Infantry Division, During WWII.