Student Assistance Program

What is SAP?

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to assist students who are experiencing difficulty with their academic, social, and interpersonal lives.


Who refers students?    







Why are students referred?

*Academic difficulties

*Drug and alcohol issues

*Diminished interest in hobbies, activities, friends

*Lack of coping skills

*Anger management issues

*Lack of appropriate social skills

*Death of a loved one

*Need for peer support
How is a referral made?
            The person referring the student contacts the student's counselor. 
How does SAP work?

*The SAP team receives a referral for a student. Information is gathered from teachers, counselors, and administrators regarding the student’s academic and social behaviors. The reason for the referral is always kept confidential.


*The counselor with then meet with the student to discuss the referral, keeping the referring person’s name confidential. The SAP program is described to the student at this time.


*The student then decides if he or she wants to participate in SAP and receive its services. Parent is notified that the student has been referred and the parent signs a release form. Participation is strictly voluntary.


*Services that are deemed appropriate for the student are then carried out.


What services are provided?

*Educational support groups - topics may include: grief, coping skills, problem solving, anger management, changing families, friendships, drug/alcohol abuse prevention


*Assessments with a representative from the Adolescent Central Intake Unit which could include:
screenings for depression, mental health problems, alcohol and drug issues


*Family and/or individual counseling referrals for outside services