Special Programs


1) GEAR UP Events: 11th graders (members of the class of 2014) should regularly check with Ms. Jaimie Cruz-Ramos (GEAR UP Parent Liaison) to learn about upcoming events. 
2) ACE Mentoring: Students interested in careers in Architecture, Construction, or Engineering should see Mrs. Olga Cosme in the counseling office to learn how to join this program. 
3) Project Take-Off: Students who are interested in any career that the Lehigh Valley International Airport has to offer (finance, human resources, planning/facilities, maintenance, operations, police, systems technology, airline support, customer service, etc) should see Mr. Penizotto, Ms. Markunas, or Mrs. Grieger for more information.
4) ATAS Manufacturing: Any student interested in careers in the manufacturing industry, see Mrs. Grieger, Ms. Vitale, or Ms. Carrera for more information.