Computer Science

& Graphic Art

Welcome to my website!

I'm Mrs. Dierks. I teach Computer Science and Graphic Art at Harding Middle School. On my website, you'll find to links Keyboarding Games, Art Activities, Resources, and more.

Phone #: 319-558-3152

  • If you ever find anything on this site that you causes you concern, please let me know.

Art Links

Photopea (Similar to Photoshop)

Google Arts & Culture

Street Art Counterfeit

Online Coloring Pages Mastercards

Bomomo Scribble QuickDraw

Sketchpad Basic Sketchpad Plus

Art Theater Lite Brite

Art-Full Matching Games Creative Tools Memory Games

Metropolitan Museum of Art for Kids

*Counterfeit & Mastercard access artwork from public art galleries around the world.
An image may be shown that may not seem "school-appropriate". If this happens, remember
it is hanging in a public gallery, and it is being accessed on the public World Wide Web.


Pics4Learning Unsplash Kaboompics NegativeSpace

ELL Games

Games to Learn English (Speech)

Quiz Show (Actions, colors, numbers)

Catapult Game (Shapes, colors, sizes)

Drag & Drop (Prepositions)

Matching (Animals)

Typing Game (Spanish Words)

Type Racer (Spanish Words)