Five o' clock

Plaatsingsdatum: 23-nov-2011 15:33:05


It's five o'clock in the morning

Time to get ready, we're sailing away

It's five o'clock in the morning

Time to get ready to sail

We rise in the morning, sail out on the tide

Silent we slip from the quay

With the gulls overhead and the seals alongside

Proudly we head out to sea


We'll fish in the Minches fair weather or foul

Living our lives on the sea

It's hard and it's ruff and the pay's not enough

But what other life can there be


A trawlerman's plight is to work day and night

Grab an hour's sleep in between

Casting the nets out and hauling them in

Sometimes not a fish to be seen


We'll be cold, tired and hungry and drenched to the skin

When we head back to Stornoway town

With our catch safely landed we'll have a good dram

In The Clachan, The Lewis or The Crown

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