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Wormhole - hypothetical topological space-time feature that connects two remote points short segment. These may be from one point of the universe  or different.
The general theory of relativity in the existence of such tunnels possible (although their rise and fall not described by equations theory of relativity, because while there is an infinite curvature of space-time). It is very likely that sustainable existence wormhole imperative that it was filled with exotic matter, which creates a strong gravitational repulsion and inhibitive meshed hole. Decisions type wormholes arise in various versions of quantum gravity, although to fully study the issue still very far away. wormhole gives the hypothetical possibility of a trip in time, if one of its entrances is in a strong gravitational field, where time slows down.
Wormholes are often found in science fiction, where they create the possibility of interstellar travel (and sometimes travel between universes) for an acceptable time for humans.

Often, the framers imagined universes decide that the trip at supraluminal speeds not possible or that required for this technology does not yet exist, and then wormholes used as a way of allowing people to travel long distances for short periods. In fiction is often used "jump engine" for movement between the two spacecraft fixed "jump points", joining star system. Combining such systems in the network leads to the formation of a fixed "surface" with the nodal points that may be useful for planning military companies. Points Alderson that Larry Niven and Jerry Purnell used in the novel "The Mote in God's Eye" and related products are also wormhole example, but not how they work like a real worm. David Weber has also used such a device in the Honorvers and other books, for example, based on the universe desktop strategic game Starfire. Educated naturally worm are the basis for interstellar travel in the "Sage of Forkosiganah" Lois Budzhold. Also they are used to create Interstellar Commonwealth "Sage of the Commonwealth" by Peter F. Hamilton.

In science-fiction world in which travels at supraluminal speeds are possible, but limited, the worm also play an important role, allowing connections between regions that otherwise would be inaccessible during a trip to an acceptable period of time. A few examples appear in the series "Star Trek", including badzhortsev worm in the series "Deep Space 9".

In the Carl Sagan novel "Contact" and removed him on film in 1997 with the participation of Jody Foster and Matthew Makkonehi heroine Jody - Elli - travels thousands of light-years away in a few wormholes. During the trip, which lasted for 18 hours Elli, on Earth was just a fraction of a second, which created the impression that it will not fly. In his defence, Foster refers to Einstein's Bridge - Rosen and the fact that it travels faster than light and time. An analysis of the situation, held at the request Kipom Tornom Sagan, called Tornom original impetus for his studies of physics worm wholes.

Worm played a major role in the TV series "Farscape", where they are led by John Creighton in a different universe, and in the TV series "Stargate", where Stargate described as a generator wormhole, in which objects turn into energy in the form of electromagnetic waves transmitted through space for reconstruction in the reception party. In the fantasy series "Sliding" worm (or vortex, as he usually called in the series) is used to travel between parallel worlds, appearing once or twice in each episode. In the pilot episode he called "bridge Einstein - Rosen - Podolsky".