Solar Sail

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The invention by Dr. Pekka Yanunenom (Pekka Janhunen) solar sail, working on the solar wind force, could lead to a revolution in space travel. The source of propulsion sail uses solar wind and are therefore not in need of fuel. Solar wind - a continuous flow of plasma emanating from the Sun. Changes in the characteristics of the solar wind are, in particular, the cause of the northern magnetic storms and auroral.

The main parts of the device are long metal files and working on solar energy electron gun that supports positive charge files. Solar wind has a small but constant pressure on the files and spacecraft.

"So far we have not encountered any serious problems in the technical field. Through this we can already begin to plan the first test flight ", - says Dr. Pekka Yanunen. Important interim goal was achieved when the Electronic Research Laboratories Helsinki University succeeded in developing a method of production multilinear resistant to micro meteoroid files of the very thin metal wires, using ultrasonic welding. New technology allows a thin metal wire to connect to any geometric design that allows you to use it and in a variety of other projects.

Electric sail can make a study of the solar system much faster and cheaper. He will make it possible and economic development asteroid resources, for example, for the production of rocket fuel in orbit.

"Elektro sail can reduce the cost of all space activities. Thus one way of obtaining clean electricity may become a big solar-power satellites. Such satellites would be treated under constant sunlight and continuously transmit electrical energy to Earth via microwaves. Permanent source of energy has many advantages in comparison with the same terrestrial solar panels, with their need to accumulate energy at night and declining productivity in a cloud and in winter, which is particularly important for us here in the far north ", - says Dr. Pekka Yanunen.

Components elektro sail were manufactured in the University of Helsinki, as well as in Germany, Sweden, Russia and Italy. The invention of the electric sail, it was a by-product of a fundamental study the solar wind interaction with the planets and their atmospheres. Funded by the development electrosail Finnish Academy and private foundations.