Quantum Tunnelling

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Two American scientists Kip Thorne and Michael Morris of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena started studying fantastic Carl Sagan novel "Contact". Frankly say they have intentions rather than strictly scientific, and humorous - to tell the ordinary person on the popular variety of fantastic hypotheses, and, perhaps, about his nose. But in the process of working scientists have changed their attitude material and concluded that the time tunnel is different from a black hole, which, as you know, lets himself in everything, but nothing back issues. They realized that might not only get into this temporary tunnel, but withdraw from it on the other hand!

The Movement for the tunnel should be moderate, that trip was quite "comfortable", but people are not exposed to danger. In their view, there are only two possibilities for the establishment of the tunnel. The first method - from quantum fluctuations. According to quantum theory, at the micro distances - about ten of minus thirty-fifth degree meter (and so on the orders of magnitude less than twenty-atomic dimensions) - fluctuations in the gravitational field have become so strong that the space begins to foam and boil, and there may be formed not only bubbles, but and tunnels. Later, scientists have to say that these spatial corridors, it is possible to increase artificially.

Agree, in so small "igoly abalone." Would be rather problematic to slip on a space vehicle even the most modest sizes. In contrast, his American physicist Thomas Roman believes that these tunnels can grow themselves - naturally, following the inflationary expansion of the universe. All the complexity is that so far theorists have no quantum theory of gravity, and they have little knowledge of quantum bubble, on their properties, advantages and disadvantages to the provisional movement.

But let us return to the two American enthusiasts: the second method Thorne - You bend and braid space. Certainly, process of occurrence of spatial holes is very combined and catastrophic, in fact in the beginning and in the end of a tunnel there is an obligatory break of time-space, as in a point singularity of a black hole or the Big explosion. Therefore, the consequences could be very unpredictable, and as long as mankind does not learn how to bridle these "holes", It is doomed to be dragged on space "carts" on water areas (more precisely - kosmotory) of nearby planets.