Photon Thruster

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Photon engine - jet engine, where as a working body applied light. Foton has a mass, and, accordingly, emanating from the engine, light creates reactive cravings. Currently, there is no mention only in scientific articles and science-fiction novels.

Thrust photon engine created by the expiration of quanta electromagnetic radiation or photons. The main advantage of this engine is the best-possible in the relativistic mechanics speed expiration equal to the speed of light in a vacuum.

When analyzing opportunities hypothetical photon missiles must separate the issue of how the engine works photons, from the question of how we dispersal of missiles with such engines. Either way, and in another case must be used to analyse the laws of special relativity. Solve the proposed task with the help of non-conservation laws of energy and momentum in principle wrong.

In most designs described photon engine used reaction annihilation of matter and antimatter, in which photons are formed.

An example of such a reaction could serve annihilation pair of proton-antiproton with the formation of two γ-quanta. Generally, any particle annihilating with its antiparticle, could become a pair of photons. Such a response is theoretically the most advantageous for the creation of jet engine as it formed particles (photons), flying as fast as possible - the speed of light. As yet established Tsiolkovsky, the effectiveness of the jet engine directly proportional to the expiry of reactive jet speed (in this case - the flow of photons). Secondly, the reaction of annihilation occurs theoretically the most efficient "combustion" fuel, as energy particles and antiparticles rest completely transformed into energy photons.

Frequently used the expression "when the photon engine turns into a mass of energy" - fail. Correctly say exactly on the transition from one form of energy (energy rest of matter and antimatter) to another (energy photons).

For missile apparatus is the only way to achieve well-known large proportion of light-speed at reasonable values of Aviation, which characterizes the ratio of masses and filled empty rockets.

It should be noted, however, that in this case, the number of Tsiolkovskiy order of several tens - hundreds, if technically realized values of about 10 for multistage rockets. The main drawback is the low photon engine chain efficiency of energy conversion from primary source to the jet photons.

Application for direct reaction annihilation obtain optical and gamma-quanta not much reduces the severity of the problem, as necessary to take into account losses in storage antimatter (not to mention his work) and difficulty focusing received radiation. Moreover, as more real, seen as a source of photons thermonuclear plasma (including the generation of laser radiation) and the use of electromagnetic quanta more long range ( "Radioengine"). In the first case remain unresolved problems in generating and maintaining steady state plasma with the necessary parameters. "Radioengine" greatly simplifies the task of focusing "reactive jets", but the rudder sharply reduces the efficiency of the complex. By not  batch photon engines include solar sail and some options for laser engine.

The main drawback is the low photon engine chain efficiency of energy conversion from primary source to the jet photons. Its task in matters linked c phase disperse photon missiles. In deciding to use relativistic laws of conservation of energy-momentum and the ratio of Einstein, binding energy, momentum and mass of particles.