Moebius Drive

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The other contemporary technology available for FTL travel, Moebius drives operate on the same principle and technology that caused the Moebius Effect. On the surface, a Moebius drive seems to be similar to a hyperspace drive, insofar as it shunts the ship into a quasi-spatial universe wherein it then travels to its destination. However, this is not quite correct.

Moebius Space, for one thing, does not share bilateral spatial relations with this universe; that is, it is not a "sub-dimension" or a universe "below" ours, where distances are compressed and can thus be traversed faster. Rather, Moebius space is a 0-dimensional space: all spatio-temporal points in our universe are the same point in Moebius space. This means that essentially, travel through Moebius Space could be instantaneous; however, such instantaneous travel would mean foregoing the safety measures that ensure that the ship's spatio-temporal and quantum alignments are the same after the jump as they were before. In other words, the danger inherent in using Moebius Drives lies not in not reaching the point of destination, but in the side-effects of reaching it by way of passing through Moebius Space without sufficient safety measures. Such side-effects include quantum dislocation, spatio-temporal and/or dimensional disjuncts (such as the large-scale disjunct that caused the Sol System to switch with its extradimensional equivalent), and a variety of other interesting but usually lethal consequences.

Tinkering with the speed with which the the ship is returned from its Moebius-induced 'possibility haze' state is greatly discouraged, and usually not done. (When the upside of gaining a few minutes of reduced travel time comes with the downside of being turned into protoplasmic goo upon returning from Moebius Space, very few captains and engineers, no matter their pride in their skill, choose to play around with their Moebius Drive.)