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Antimatter - matter, composed of antiparticles. According to modern view, the forces that determine the structure of matter (strong interaction which forms the nucleus, and electromagnetic interactions, forms the atoms and molecules) the same as for particles, and for antiparticles. This means that the structure of antimatter should be almost identical to the structure of normal matter. The difference between matter and antimatter is possible only through the weak interaction, but under normal temperatures weak effects negligible.

The first object, entirely composed of antiparticles, was synthesized in 1965 antideuteron, then have been received and more heavy antinucleus. In 1995, TsERNe was synthesized antihydrogen atom, consisting of a positron and antiprotons. In recent years, antihydrogen was received in significant quantities, and had started a detailed study of its properties.

Despite the almost complete identity of the properties of matter and antimatter, among them there is a huge difference in the cosmic scale. It is known that part of the observed universe is composed almost entirely of matter rather than antimatter from. It is envisaged that such a strong asymmetry between matter and antimatter created in the first fraction of a second after the Big Bang.