Introduction to matrix notation for pattern recognition

It is a introductory course on matrix notation widely used in the Statistical Pattern Recognition field. Its focus relies mainly on representation of multivariate structures.

As well, some basic practical examples of pattern recognition tasks are to be developed using mathworks and prtools packages from MatLab.

Download program here.


First lesson

- Notation (Find below notacion.pdf)

- Basics of MatLab (Find tutorial.m below)

- Trabajos práticos de álgebra lineal con MatLab (Find material below)

- Pattern recognition glossary: web pdf

- Script: Linear classifier.

- Script: Image segmentation.

- Script: K-NN.

Second lesson

- Slides (Below)

- Video

- Prtools: Example Toolbox User guide

- Matrix cookbok (Find material below)

- Pattern recognition books: web pdf


Databases - installers - templates

- UCI:


Causality repository:

Databib repository:

- LaTeX installers: download

- MatLab installers: download

- LaTeX template/Math notation guide: zip

- Prtools web

- Bermejo, Mario. "Programación con Octave/Octave-UPM (III)." (2014). Ver.

- Long, P. J. G. "Introduction to Octave." Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge (2005). Ver:

- Free your numbers. Ver.

- Manual de iniciación a GNU Octave. Ver.



Find more material below.

Other readings