About me

Job: Assistant Professor at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá.

Education: PhD in Economics, University of Pennsylvania. 2014.

Research: I am interested in topics related to fertility and sexual health choices, human capital accumulation and skill production, health, schooling markets, and labor supply choices. In particular, my research focuses on the interesections between these broadly defined areas. At the moment, I am specifically interested in:

  • Fertility and sexual health choices teenage girls and young adult women make and how these relate to their human capital accumulation.
  • How mothers and fathers make childcare decisions and how this is connected to their labor market choices.
  • How different types of parental time inputs produce skills in children. 
  • How men and women adjust their labor supply in response to health shocks that affect a member of their household.
  • How parents and students choose schools, what information they use when they choose, and the implications of this for the design of education markets/systems.