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    Born in 1983 in Mugnano di Napoli , Italy – after High School specialised in Fine 
 Arts she graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Painting, March 2007 in Naple
She wrote a thesis in Cultural Anthropology entitled "Islam between Shari'a and Art"
She now lives and works between France and Italy


        personal exhibitions and co exhibitions :

2016 - Personal exhibition "Traces d’encre" Cité des Métiers d’Art, Issoudun (France)

2016 - Personal exhibition, Centre Culturel Albert Camus, Issoudun (France)

2015 – co exhibition with « Office de Tourisme », Issoudun (Fance)

2013 – co exhibition with Atelier  Pons of lithography, Cité des Métiers d'Art,                        Issoudun (France)

2013 - co exhibition with  Hight School "Jean d’Alembert", Cité des Métiers d'Art,                  Issoudun (France)

2012 - co exhibition "Rencontres au Domaine de Varye", Saint-Doulchard (France)

2012 - co exhibition, Château d’Ainay- le-Vieil (France)

2011 - co exhibition,  Cité des Métiers d'Art, Issoudun (France)

2011 - co exhibition, "Le Moulin", Mezieres-en-Brenne (France)

2011 - Personal exhibition, "Ferme du Chateau", Gargilesse (France)

2010 -  co exhibition "Fils D'Ararat II", Maison Arménienne de la Jeunesse et  de la              Culture, Marseille(France)

2009 - co exhibition "Messagers d'Art", Issoudun (France) 

2009 - co exhibition, Conspire Art Gallery, Downtown Phoenix, Arizona (USA)  

2009 - co exhibition "Rencontres de l'Humanité", Lyon (France)

2009 - co exhibition "The Mini - Mini art show", Cartel Coffee/Art Gallery,  Tempe,                Arizona (USA)

2009 - co exhibition, RENCONTRES DES ARTS, Mers-Sur-Indre (France)

2008 – travelling co exhibition "Microyoung", Gallery Bertolt  Brecht, Milan (Italy)

2008 – Personal exhibition  "terre di francia, acque di napoli - terre de france, eaux              de naples", Bookshop « Edicolé » Naples (Italy)

2008 - Collettiva, RENCONTRES DES ARTS, Mers-Sur-Indre (France)   

2007 – Personal exhibition « Passaggi Remoti », Acerma, Paris (France)

2007 - Personal exhibition, Gallery Arte Laguna, Venice (Italy)

2007 - Personal exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Naples (Italy)

2007 - co exhibition  “Oltre il Margine”, Picture Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts,              Naples (Italy)

2005 - travelling co exhibition “13x17” PROGETTO ESSERCI – Padiglione  Italia  with            art critic Philippe Daverio (Italy and Europe)

2003/2005 - co exhibition  "Maggio porte aperte" Academy of Fine Arts, Naples                            (Italy)

2005 - Selected by the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples as representative of the area            “Campania” at the international competitive examination of painting for                     young artists “6° PREMIO DI PITTURA PALAU ARTE”   (N° 1 artwork belongs             now to Palau town hall), Palau (Italy) 

2005 - co exhibition  “Spazio non Spazio”, Academy of Fine Arts, Naples (Italy)

2002-2003 - co exhibition  “Flavio Gioia”, Amalfi (Italy)

          workshops :

2013/2017 - workshop in order to create painting labs with students of the Primary                      Schools, Issoudun (France)
2013 - workshop in order to create painting labs with Desableds People at the                      Medical Center "La Goccia", Mugnano di Napoli, Naples (Italy)
2012 - workshop in order to create painting's labs with the Museum "Hospice                      Saint-Roch" and Tawn Hall, Cité des Métiers d’Art, Issoudun (France)
2004 / 2006 - “Oltre il Margine” in order to create painting labs with old people                               diseased in Alzheimer and students of the Primary School, Naples                             (Italy)
2008 - workshop in order to create painting's labs with students of  the Music School            of Saint Doulchard, Abbaye de La Prée, Ségry (France)
2008 - workshop in order to create painting ateliers about the plaster's technique                and painting's technique, Musée de l'Hospice Saint Roch, Issoudun (France)