More of my Best Stuff


Hey here's some more stuff about my life in Homer, Alaska 

  You wouldn't believe how big my dog house is. It has a whole house on the floor and another one where the roof is supposed to be. This is me going up to the roof on the boxes they piled up so I could get there.  I'm glad it's so big because me and Spoody couldn't let the tall walkers stay here if there wasnt' so much room
  They take up way more room than we do and what's worse is they keep all the food to themselves and only share when we make the right kind of noises and run all around.  It's funny but that's how they are. 

 This is one of the things I do when I want them to share their food. If I do this in just the right way they put hard bits in my bowl and if I do it the best way they put stinky soft stuff on top. But that's not the best. They keep the really good stuff on the altar where they worship the god of the tall walkers.  They pray that they will always have stuff to eat and that we let let them live with us and sit on their middles when they're sad.  

 One time Spoody was acting like he didnt' want to have fun or eat stinky things, even when the tall walkers took stuff off the altar and gave it to him. Boy that was crazy. Spoody said he didn't feel good anymore. The tallwalkers started acting really sad even when  I tried to help them. The one called Chooty made water come out of her eyes.  



  This is how I know Spoody's ok. We do this and the tall walkers give us food or take us outside. They need to walk around the same places all the time to be happy.  We don't know why but if they want to we'll go and have a blast ourselves. Their gods don't let them eat things off the ground, only the altar, and they aren't that interested in smelling poo and pee.  I think they would be happier if they would give it a try sometimes. It's a lot of work keeping your tall walker happy when they dont' do the simplest things for themselves.

  Yesterday I found out that you can easily train the TW's, especially the puppys. I did this and she gave me a piece of food from the white picture box. TW's keep pictures of everyone they want the gods to feed on the front of this .  Eating food out of it is kind of like finding it out in the yard when it's white out there.  We like it better off the altar or even better the hot box. They don't put the pictures on the hot box because they don't like to share that as much I think.


     Look at Spoodys legs.  Something funny happens to him on Mondays when DothisDothat takes him in the gofast to the Crazy tallwalker place. Over there are lots of other doggies that smell funny and act even funnier. Spoody hates that but at least now he feels better . I'm trying to figure out what is happening but it's hard because it's not our regular way of do.