DiddyDoggy's wittle website 


Welcome to my web page - come learn about my life in Homer, Alaska , my adventures, my pals and how I take care of my two big tall walkers .


   A lot of dogs don't know you have to click on pics to make them bigger 


 First things first. Here is my bestest pal in the whole Universe. His name is Spooky cause he get's fraid of all kinds of dumb things and I have to help him not be scaredy all the time.  

   Our best things are running around outside especially on the beach, eating nasty stuff we find out there and wrestling around on the floor to tell our tall walkers we want to go out , run around on the beach and eat stinky things.

  Here we are, going like crazy. I can easily outrun Spooky, who we really call Spoody, but he gets sad when I do so I always let him win the races we have. Also when he runs ahead he misses some of the stinky things on the beach we like to eat.

This is Partner who all his friends called Pappy. He went to heaven before I got to live with my tall walkers.  Spoody knew him and says he was nice but kind of old and cranky too. He didn't like to run around as much but he really liked to eat stinky stuff like we do. Spoody says he used to like it so much he would roll around in it and get it all over his face. The persons didn't like that and would put water and fluffy stuff on him for some reason. He didn't like that.   

I have two tall walkers I take care of . One makes sounds  like a cat and her name sounds like Chooty.  She is my favoite one and I take especially good care of her. She needs me to sit on her, especially where she bends in the middle. If she is looking at the noise/picture box I keep her from getting bored. More about her later.

 This is my boy tall walker. He's called DothisDothat by the other girl tallwalker. He's nice and gives me more treats but he doesnt' sit still and wants to roll me around and fool with my face too much. He thinks it's fun but he's annoying. I try to be nice to him cause he's really needy but as soon as he's ok I go back to Chooty.